Heat Pumps

The Geyser Shop offers various technologies that can reduce electricity consumption and thus save money. These include heat pumps, magnetic water heaters and various insulation products for hot water pipes and tanks.

  • Wide Application: Can be used in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, factories, hotels, etc
  • Safety: Water & Electricity are totally Isolated
  • All Weather Operation: Heats effectively regardless of ambient temperature
  • Easy Installation: Retro fit or new installation
  • Digital Controller: Easily set all running condition including timer, thermostat, etc
  • Highly Efficient Air to Water Heating Technology
  • Comprehensive built in protection circuits including compressor delay, high and low pressure, overheating, auto antifreeze, etc
  • Easily Retrofitted to any  pressure geyser
  • Excellent, National Back-up Service

Working Principle